Justine Wallace – Artist

I’m a Castlemaine-based artist, who, and I make images, sculpture and animation for film, television, children’s books, and public spaces. I combine storytelling and imagery to create evocative, informative works, with environmental conservation and social justice at their heart.

Gaudi and real-space sketching

“He always designed from three-dimensional models made from plaster, wood, wires, and counterweights, with cloth to simulate the surfaces. The model was the pricipal instrument in the development of his ideas: Drawing was also important to him, but as he said to his students, he conceived forms directly in space.” Antoni Gaudi, From Nature to … Continue reading Gaudi and real-space sketching

Sculptor Kent Melton

Sculptor Kent Melton discusses the iterative combining of two-dimensionaland three-dimensional approaches which took place as he and Marc Davis workedtogether to design a character from The Lion King: Tony had only just started sketching Mufasa’s design and it was really a little premature for me to begin sculpting. Tony didn’t seem bothered by this and … Continue reading Sculptor Kent Melton

Creativity and Practicality #1

Creativity support tools are most effective when they are easy, quick, and inexpensive(Buxton 2007, p. 111). Resnick et al. (2005, p. 2) suggest that creativity support tools must be: “facile and unencumbering, so that expert users can try out the different alternatives very quickly”. Resnick M, Myers B, Nakakoji K, Shneiderman Pausch R, Selker T & … Continue reading Creativity and Practicality #1

LAIKA Maquettes

Sketch models are wonderfully vibrant because they capture a moment in the creative process when the artist is still experimenting. This is certainly true of the Boxtrolls Shoe Maquette (LAIKA, 2014) below. Maquettes and concept models used to design characters for animated feature films by LAIKA have periodically been offered for sale at auction. Included … Continue reading LAIKA Maquettes


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