LAIKA Maquettes

Sketch models are wonderfully vibrant because they capture a moment in the creative process when the artist is still experimenting. This is certainly true of the Boxtrolls Shoe Maquette (LAIKA, 2014) below. Maquettes and concept models used to design characters for animated feature films by LAIKA have periodically been offered for sale at auction. Included in a list of sold works are several character maquettes from the production of ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls (Melton 2014).

I love seeing the plywood base. It gives us a rare glimpse into the making of what was probably intended as an internal conceptual artifact. If the techniques I use are any indication: the artist placed the base on blocks in order to leave room for wire and glue, without destabilizing the maquette. My guess is that they would have drilled holes into the wood so that the armature wires could be threaded through the base for stability.

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