Sculptor Kent Melton

Sculptor Kent Melton discusses the iterative combining of two-dimensional
and three-dimensional approaches which took place as he and Marc Davis worked
together to design a character from The Lion King:

Tony had only just started sketching Mufasa’s design and it was really a

little premature for me to begin sculpting. Tony didn’t seem bothered by this and

handed off the drawings of his design still in progress to me. Once that I had the

sculpture roughed in I asked Tony to have a look at it. […] Tony liked the changes

so much that he altered the model sheet to match it.

Melton, K 2017, Kent Melton Maquettes, Cel-ebration, viewed January 25, 2018, from <;
Kent Melton has crafted maquettes for major animation
studios including Disney, Warner Bros.
Hanna-Barbera, LAIKAand others

While Melton is careful not to take credit for the resulting design, it is clear from this

the story that his sculpture served as a useful creativity support tool during the design


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