Frank Gehry’s Process Models

Architect Frank Gehry’s process models are perhaps the most famous examples of the use of explorative object construction in the field of architecture. A collection of his models was displayed at Leslie Feely Fine Art in New York in 2013 (Gehry 2013).

Frank Gehry’s collaborative model-making process was portrayed in Sydney Pollack’s documentary Sketches of Frank Gehry (2006). 

It is this sketch quality, what he calls the “tentativeness, the messiness,” that Gehry clings to as a way of guarding against formula or repetition. 

Ultan Guilfoyle, Producer, SKETCHES OF FRANK GEHRY

In a 1980 interview Gehry explained:

“It’s kind of like throwing things out and then following the ideas, rather than predicting what you’re going to do.”

His models can therefore be understood as conceptual drafts, or three-dimensional sketches, integral to project development and design. Moreover, the structures are admirable in themselves as aesthetically beautiful sculpture.

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