Henry Moore eventually phased out two-dimensional sketching

Henry Moore’s finished sculptures were often made of bronze, a material that is unsuited to experimentation due to its cost, rigidity and complex fabrication requirements. For this reason, Moore made small tests or representations of his ideas from clay, which Sylvester (1990) refers to as working-models and sketch-models. At the beginning of his career, Moore … Continue reading Henry Moore eventually phased out two-dimensional sketching

Frank Gehry’s Process Models

Architect Frank Gehry’s process models are perhaps the most famous examples of the use of explorative object construction in the field of architecture. A collection of his models was displayed at Leslie Feely Fine Art in New York in 2013 (Gehry 2013). Frank Gehry's collaborative model-making process was portrayed in Sydney Pollack’s documentary Sketches of … Continue reading Frank Gehry’s Process Models

Generating Ideas in Real-Space

Three-dimensional sketching in real space is both generative and speculative. It can be used to search for new ideas and possibilities before the design has been decided upon. Weintraub (1998, p. 53) offers a description of the process: “The mind-hand coordination elicits intuitive answers as we begin to build something with no particular model to … Continue reading Generating Ideas in Real-Space

Can Sketch Models Aid Creativity?

To understand the use of explorative sculpture in the context of my work as a practitioner and teacher of animation and games design, my research incorporated five themes: the practicality and physicality of the medium, the potential for explorative sculpting to incorporate chance and ambiguity, and the importance of practitioner preference in selecting creativity support … Continue reading Can Sketch Models Aid Creativity?


Concept models and 3D Sketches

As an artist and researcher, i'm interested in explorative sculpture as a creativity support tool for developing characters and stories for animated films and video games. The process of constructing three-dimensional representations to visualise and catalyse ideas, is practised in a range of domains, including architecture, fine art and industrial design. These physical representations are … Continue reading Concept models and 3D Sketches