Concept models and 3D Sketches

As an artist and researcher, i’m interested in explorative sculpture as a creativity support tool for developing characters and stories for animated films and video games. The process of constructing three-dimensional representations to visualise and catalyse ideas, is practised in a range of domains, including architecture, fine art and industrial design. These physical representations are sometimes referred to as sketch models, concept models, prototypes, mock-ups or 3D sketches and are used to generate and experiment with ideas during the early conceptualisation phase of the design process. I used explorative sculpture to develop the characters in my screenplays. While explorative sculpture has limitations as a creativity support tool, it also has unique and useful attributes which, when used in combination with other tools, can activate the creative (and collaborative) process during the early phases of animation and video game development.

Sketch Model used during the development of ‘Kiddo’ – a screenplay for animation

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