Can Sketch Models Aid Creativity?

To understand the use of explorative sculpture in the context of my work as a practitioner and teacher of animation and games design, my research incorporated five themes: the practicality and physicality of the medium, the potential for explorative sculpting to incorporate chance and ambiguity, and the importance of practitioner preference in selecting creativity support tools.

The physicality of the explorative sculpture offers useful insights not only to maker but also to the viewer of the artifact. It’s also a useful alternative creativity support tool for animation students and practitioners who benefit from the use of non-literary, visual creativity support tools. The process of explorative sculpting also lends itself well to the creative inclusion of chance and found objects.

The sketch model pictured below started out as a eucalyptus gum nut, which I found and later used as the internal armature for the character’s body.

Sketch Model for ‘Kiddo’ by Justine Wallace

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